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Cooling Your Finished Basement: 3 Effective Methods

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Cooling Your Finished Basement - ATLANTA HVAC

If your home has a finished basement, you might be wondering how to cool this space. Finished basements can quickly heat up during the summer months. Whether you use it as a guest bedroom, a recreational area or simply a storage area, you may want to cool your finished basement. Investing in the right cooling solution will create a more comfortable lower-level space while also protecting your basement from heat- and humidity-related damage.

Cooling Your Finished Basement: 3 Effective Methods - Atlanta HVAC

#1) Window AC Unit

Assuming it has windows, you can cool your finished basement with a window air conditioning unit. Window air conditioning units are small, packaged cooling systems that are designed for use in windows. They feature a condenser coil, compressor coil, compressor and fan – all in a single unit.

Window air conditioning units are inexpensive and easy to install. As long as you choose a high British Thermal Unit (BTU) unit, you can rest assured knowing that it will provide plenty of cooling power. The downside to using a window air conditioning unit is that it requires a window. And because they are installed in windows, they may suffer from leaks that allow cool air to escape.

#2) Mini-Split AC System

Not all basements have windows, however. You can still cool a windowless finished basement, but you should consider using a mini-split air conditioning system instead of a window air conditioning system. You can install a mini-split air conditioning system in any room or indoor space, regardless of whether it has windows.

Mini-split air conditioning systems consist of two components: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Refrigerant will flow between these units while removing the heat from your finished basement. During this heat-transfer process, the indoor unit will release cool, conditioned air.

#3) Add an HVAC Zone

Another option is to add an HVAC zone to your finished basement. HVAC zones are spaces in which the climate can be controlled independently of the other HVAC zones or spaces. They are the foundation of a zoned HVAC system. All zoned HVAC systems have multiple HVAC zones. You can raise or lower the temperature of a given HVAC zone without it affecting the temperature of the other HVAC zones.

HVAC zones use air ducts and dampers. You can’t just add new air ducts to cool your basement with an HVAC zone. In addition to new air ducts, you’ll need dampers. Dampers are valve-like devices that can restrict or allow air to flow through air ducts.

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