Installing Window AC Units: What You Should Know

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Window air conditioning units can provide supplementary cooling during the hot Georgia summers. They aren’t a substitution for a central air conditioning system. If a particular room is noticeably warmer than the rest of your home, though, you can use a window air conditioning unit to cool it. Window air conditioning units, of course, require installation.

Choose the Right Window

As their name suggests, window air conditioning units are designed for use in windows. You can install them in most standard-size residential windows. With that said, some windows may prove more effective than others.

A window in the center of a wall, for instance, may provide greater circulation than that of a side window. And if you’re installing a window air conditioning unit in your bedroom, you may want to choose a window that’s not pointed directly at your bed.

Position Under the Sash

After opening the window, position the window air conditioning unit under the sash. Window air conditioning units typically have a lip on top. You’ll need to position the window air conditioning unit under the sash so that the lip is pressed against the side of it.

The lip should press against the bottom side of the window’s sash. If it’s under the sash, you’ll need to reposition the unit.

Tilt Backward

Most window air conditioning units should be installed with a slight tilt. You should refer to the instruction manual when installing a window air conditioning unit. Nonetheless, it may recommend tilting the unit backward at a slight angle.

Tilting window air conditioning units backward at a slight angle is designed to prevent them from draining indoors. Like central air conditioning units, window units produce condensation. Moisture will condenser on a window unit’s coil. Most window units have an open port in the back so that condensation can drain out of them. Tilting them backward helps to direct the condensation to this port.

Secure With Hardware

Window air conditioning units come with installation hardware. Most of them are packaged with a pair of brackets and a set of screws. You can use this hardware to secure the window air conditioning unit in place.

Always refer to the instruction manual when installing a window air conditioning unit. Most window units, however, require a bracket on the right and left sides of the frame. You can install the brackets with the included screws. The brackets will essentially hold the window in place. You won’t be able to pull up the window after installing the brackets, meaning the window air conditioning unit will be secure.

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