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Why Your Outdoor Gas Lamp Isn’t Lighting

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An outdoor gas lamp is the perfect addition to any home’s exterior. It will offer a source of illumination when the sun goes down while improving your home’s curb appeal in the process. Outdoor gas lamps, however, aren’t immune to failure. If your outdoor gas lamp isn’t lighting, you’ll need to troubleshoot it.

Little or No Wick Left

Depending on the type of outdoor gas lamp you own, it may require a wick. There are two primary types of outdoor gas lamps: mantle and open flame. Mantle gas lamps feature a wick, whereas open-flame gas maps burn gas without a wick. If you own the former type, you’ll need to ensure the wick is intact. If it’s burned down or completely missing, you may struggle to light your outdoor gas lamp.

Clogged Bug Screen

Most outdoor gas lamps have a bug screen. As the name suggests, the bug screen is designed to catch bugs so that they don’t fly into the outdoor gas lamp. Bug screens can become clogged, however. As debris builds up on the surface of the bug screen, it will restrict fresh air from reaching the burner. You can typically clean bug screens by removing them and spraying them down with a garden hose.

Clogged Burner

If the burner is clogged, your outdoor gas lamp probably won’t light. The burner is the assembly at the base of an outdoor gas lamp that generates the flame. It’s connected to a gas line. Gas will travel to the burner where it fuels the flame. Like with other gas-burning appliances, though, the burner can become clogged. Dirt and mold can accumulate inside of the burner where it prevents gas from being released.

Wind Guests

Of course, wind gusts can prevent your outdoor gas lamp from lighting as well. Some outdoor gas lamps feature an enclosure that naturally protects them from wind gusts. Other gas lamps, conversely, have one or more open sides that are susceptible to wind gusts. Fortunately, there are wind shields available to protect outdoor gas lamps from wind gusts.

Get Your Outdoor Gas Lamp Professionally Inspected

The easiest way to determine why it’s not lighting is to get your outdoor gas lamp professionally inspected. Heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) technicians are familiar with outdoor gas lamps. They can troubleshoot a broken outdoor gas lamp, and after discovering what’s wrong with it, they can fix it.



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