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Why Your HVAC System’s Thermostat Keeps Blinking

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Blinking is a universal warning signal for electronic devices. If an electronic device in your home suddenly begins to blink, you may want to investigate it. This rings true for thermostats as well. Your heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system’s thermostat may begin to blink. By understanding why it’s blinking, you can take the necessary action to fix it.

Low Battery Power

When was the last time you changed the batteries? Low battery power can cause thermostats to blink. There are dozens of different types of thermostats. Most of them, however, contain batteries. Your HVAC system’s thermostat may draw most of its power from your home, but it will probably feature batteries as well.

Batteries allow thermostats to save programming information during outages. If your home’s power goes out, the thermostat will draw power from the batteries to save the programming information. Dead or dying batteries may result in a blinking light, indicating that you need to change them.

Short Cycling

Short cycling can also cause thermostats to blink. Short cycling is characterized by rapid cooling, resulting in short and frequent cooling cycles. If your air conditioning system is too big, for instance, it may short cycle.

Some air conditioning systems are designed to turn off automatically in the event of short cycling to protect against damage. When this occurs, the thermostat may blink to notify you that it’s entering delay mode. If your air condition system is short cycling, don’t hesitate to get it fixed. Short cycling over a prolonged period can cause serious damage.

Compressor Failure

Another problem that can cause thermostats to blink is compressor failure. The compressor is a piece of cooling equipment. It’s found outdoors inside of the condenser unit. The job of the compressor is to pump, as well as pressurize, refrigerant through your air conditioning system.

If your air conditioning system’s compressor has failed, the thermostat may begin to blink. The thermostat must be able to “read” the compressor. When the compressor fails, the thermostat won’t get a response for it. Many thermostats will then blink as a warning.

Electrical Problems

An electrical problem with your air conditioning system may cause the thermostat to blink. Corroded or loose wiring, for instance, may trigger blinking. Air conditioning systems contain a variety of electrical components, including wires. If there’s an electrical problem with your air conditioning system, you may notice the thermostat blinking.

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