Why Your Gas Fireplace Is Beeping (and What You Should Do About It)

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Upon hearing an unfamiliar beeping sound, many homeowners assume a smoke detector or carbonmonoxide (CO) detector is to blame. Smoke and CO detectors are battery powered. As their batteries begin to die, they’ll beep. But unfamiliar beeping noises aren’t limited to smoke detectors or CO detectors. Gas fireplaces can beep as well.

Backup Ignition Module

Your gas fireplace may beep if it features a battery-powered backup ignition module. Many newer gas fireplaces don’t require manual lighting. Rather, they feature an electronic ignition system. When turned on, they draw electricity to create a spark, which then ignites the natural gas.

The problem with electronic ignition systems, though, is that they are susceptible to power outages. If the power goes out in your home, you won’t be able to use your gas fireplace – at least not with the electronic ignition system. Some gas fireplaces are designed with a battery-powered backup ignition module as an alternative ignition method. They will draw electricity from a set of batteries to create a spark.

If the batteries in a backup ignition module begin to die, the gas fireplace may beep. Therefore, you should consider replacing the batteries if you hear a beeping sound originating from your gas fireplace.

Most backup ignition modules require two D-cell batteries. Removing the old batteries and replacing them with new batteries should eliminate the beeping sound.

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Remote Control

Your gas fireplace may beep due to a dying remote control. Some gas fireplaces are remote-controlled.

You turn them on and off – as well as adjust the size of the flame – via a remote. If the batteries in the remote are about to die, you may hear a beeping noise.

Like with a backup ignition module, you can replace the batteries in the remote to eliminate the beeping sound. New batteries should disable the beeping noise.

Keep in mind that the receiver box may contain batteries as well. The receiver box is designed to receive the signals sent by the remote. When you press a button on the remote, it will send a signal to the receiver box. Receiver boxes may contain their own batteries. And if the batteries in the receiver box are about to die, you may hear a beeping noise.

Gas fireplaces can beep for different reasons, most of which involve dead or dying batteries. If you hear a beeping noise, you should check the backup ignition module, the remote and the receiver box.

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