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Why I launched Atlanta Energy Solutions, LLC – a note from the owner

Atlanta Heating & Air Solutions Mabelton
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HVAC is a fairly standard business – services include heating, air conditioning, sometimes maybe even water heaters.  As HVAC practitioners, we install, we repair – overall, we keep customers comfortable in their homes.

After working in the industry for nearly 2 decades, I thought I knew everything.  Then, I met my wife, Amber.  Her background is in corporate purchasing.  Let me tell you – after speaking with her, as someone who has worked as both a salesperson and technician, I realized how often HVAC practitioners do things the way they have always been done; the whole ‘trust me’ attitude.  I knew there had to be a better way for customers in the modern market who often want to be more involved in their HVAC purchases.  Specifically, you want to understand our industry jargon and how your money is being spent.  Makes sense.

Rather than staying robotic in my craft, I went back to school to become an engineer.  I learned how the whole home works together and how to complete energy audits to diagnose potential problems.  I expanded my skill set to fireplace and gas log installation and repair.  I figured these skills would come in handy for my ‘honey-do list’ in my off-hours while I worked as an engineer by day.  Then, it hit me.  I could start a business and provide transparent, quality HVAC (+gas logs, energy audits, water heaters, …the list goes on) for the Atlanta metro.  The idea of Atlanta Energy Solutions, LLC was born.

I am proud of the business we have built so far and owe my success to you, my customers.  As part of the transparency initiative, and to satisfy my wife’s fellow purchasing colleagues, I leave you with the following tip:

Not all inspections are created equal.  For example, you may find a ‘deal’ on an inspection (also called a ‘tune-up’), however, be aware that inspection may only include a visual inspection vs. a full inspection or tune-up, which involves a full diagnostic of your system (i.e. the technician opens up the system, takes measurements, records temperature data, and checks switches / overall operation).  The tune-ups from Atlanta Energy Solutions, LLC (starting at $89 one-time or $139 service plan) also include a cleaning and air filter replacement.  Happy to help should you need a tune-up.  Please call (404) 803-7471.

Thank you for supporting our business! – Todd and Amber



Atlanta Heating & Air Solutions Mabelton