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What Is a Hard Start Kit for AC Systems?

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What Is a Hard Start Kit for AC Systems?

Hard start kits are commonly used to get older air conditioning systems up and running. As air conditioning systems begin to age, they may have trouble starting on their own. And even if they’re able to start, they may shut off prematurely without reaching the temperature set of the thermostat. A hard start kit may resolve hard starts such as this, but there are a few things you should know about them.

The Basics of a Hard Start Kit

A hard start kit is a device that, as the name suggests, is designed to fix hard starts with air conditioning systems. A hard start is a phenomenon in which an air conditioning system struggles to start on its own. 

Here are some common signs that your air conditioning system is hard starting:

  • Doesn’t turn on when you lower the temperature on the thermostat (and have it set to cooling).
  • Air conditioning system is short cycling by turning on and off frequently.
  • You constantly hear a “clicking” noise.

AC systems require a substantial amount of electricity to start up – more than they need to stay running. Without this jolt of electricity, they may struggle to turn on and stay on. A hard start kit consists of a capacitor and relay device that makes it easier for the compressor to fire up.

How a Hard Start Kit Works

Most of the electricity consumed during the startup of an air conditioning system is used to power the compressor. Air conditioning systems have a compressor that’s designed to pressurize and move the heat-carrying refrigerant through the coils and lines. When your air conditioning system initially turns on, the compressor will consume electricity.

A hard start kit will reduce the burden placed on your air conditioning system’s compressor. Once installed, it will allow the compressor to fire up with less torque. The hard start kit will essentially provide the compressor with more torque. At the same time, the relay in the hard start kit will keep your air conditioning system running more smoothly.

In Conclusion

Homeowners who experience hard starting with their air conditioning system may want to consider a hard start kit. Consisting of a capacitor and relay, it can resolve this problem. But hard starting is often attributed to an underlying issue, such as an old and worn-out compressor. If your air conditioning system is having trouble starting, you should get it professionally inspected.

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