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Atlanta Heating & Air Solutions Mabelton

Modern high efficiency HVAC systems in Marietta, both gas heating appliances and de-humidifying cooling equipment, are now using cutting edge, quiet, higher efficiency motors to reduce power bills. These motors also aid overall system electrical consumption by maintaining the proper air flow across pieces of the HVAC system such as evaporator coils and  condenser coils. During the cooling mode of your HVAC system, air flow is critical to proper operation. With the use of ECM motor technology, manufacturers of heating and cooling systems raise efficiency of the home to incredible levels. There are many of these systems in Smyrna, Mableton, Marietta, and the surrounding areas

You may be curious what ECM stands for.  An ECM motor is some times referred to as a “Variable Speed” motor. On one hand this is true, it does change its motor speed, but only as it needs to, as the system requires.  In basic terms, all an ECM motor is attempting to do is sustain a continuous cubic feet per minute of airflow through a duct system. In the heating and air industry,  ECM stands Electronic Communicating Motor.

How does this help a heating and air conditioning system in Cobb County? It may help to compare an ECM motor works to an automobile’s cruise control.  When you are using cruise control, you set how fast you want the car to go in miles per hour. The automobile’s engine will attempt to push the automobile along at a certain pace to maintain that speed.  If your automobile goes up a hill, the cruise control mechanism feels a change in the road, and it attempts to power the engine as much as it can so that it can sustain the set speed you selected.  This situation is very similar to a variable speed, or ECM motor. It will rev the heating and cooling system up and/or down to maintain your preferred comfort level.

By maintaining consistent air flow in a home’s heating and cooling system, we can get the maximum efficiency out of the HVAC equipment. This, coupled with the fact that an ECM motor uses less wattage than a normal motor, is why these motors are becoming more and more popular as part of a total energy-efficient system.

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