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The Energy-Efficient Benefits of Upgrading to a Sealed Furnace

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Want to reduce your home’s energy usage during the winter? You should consider upgrading to a sealed furnace. Assuming your home is currently equipped with an atmospheric furnace, replacing it with a sealed furnace can reduce its energy usage during the winter.

Atmospheric vs Sealed Furnaces

Atmospheric and sealed furnaces are types of gas furnaces. They both have a combustion chamber. When running, they’ll burn natural gas to generate heat, which in turn warms the passing air.

Atmospheric furnaces are characterized by their ability to pull in air from inside of the home. They’ll mix the air with the natural gas before igniting it. Because they pull in air, atmospheric furnaces have an open combustion chamber. You can remove the front panel to see the flame.

Sealed furnaces, on the other hand, have a sealed combustion chamber. They don’t pull in air from inside of the home. Instead, sealed furnaces pull in fresh air from the outdoors. Sealed furnaces have a small plastic tube through which they suck in fresh air. The combustion chamber itself remains sealed so that indoor air can’t enter it.

Why You Should Consider a Sealed Furnace

Sealed furnaces are more energy efficient than atmospheric furnaces. The problem with atmospheric furnaces is that they have an open combustion chamber. Air will constantly flow into and out of the combustion chamber. As a result, they consume more energy than sealed furnaces.

While they still require air – just like atmospheric furnaces – sealed furnaces are more energy efficient. They don’t have an open combustion chamber. As previously mentioned, sealed furnaces only have a small plastic tube, which they use to suck in air from the outdoors.

If you’re tired of spending a fortune on your home’s heating costs, you may want to upgrade to a sealed furnace. More and more homeowners are choosing sealed furnaces because of their energy-efficient benefits. Sealed furnaces have a closed combustion chamber that traps all of their heat. The heat produced by a sealed furnace will be used to warm your home’s interior air. With an atmospheric furnace, on the other hand, heat will escape the furnace’s combustion chamber.

Not only are they more efficient, but sealed furnaces are also safer than atmospheric furnaces. Gas furnaces produce combustion gases as a byproduct. Among these combustion gases is carbon monoxide (CO). With their closed combustion chamber, sealed furnaces are less likely to leak combustion gases such as this into the home.

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