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Proper Cleaning and Flushing of Drain Lines

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Many times we’re faced with whether to hire a professional or just do what we assume are simple HVAC maintenance projects.  An internet search will provide a variety of methods to maintain your HVAC system.  However, when you don’t really know which of these “home grown” methods is right for your equipment and you’re not a trained professional, why take the chance of doing more damage than good.  Here’s why…

Your HVAC system produces condensate through the evaporator coil as it cools your home.  The small, usually PVC pipe, serves as your condensate drain line.  This drain line includes a trap that prevents unwanted air from getting into your HVAC system.  Without the proper cleaning and flushing, the drain line can become a breeding ground for algae and mold.  If these toxins build in your drain, it can become clogged, which can lead to significant damage for the homeowner.

Hiring a professional to thoroughly clean and flush your condensate yearly is the best way to protect the investment in your HVAC unit.  Sometimes, an internet search just isn’t the most effective way to manage maintenance around your home.   We can protect your equipment investment and ensure it performs as it should.  Make your appointment today at (404) 803-7471.

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