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Outdoor Air Conditioner Maintenance

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AC exhaust full of grass

Your home’s central hvac system requires scheduled maintenance. A homeowner is wise to enlist a professional hvac company to perform a detailed service every year, but there is one thing that a homeowner can do monthly to ensure top energy efficiency from an air conditioning system. Keeping the outdoor unit free of debris is important. Excessive accumulation of tree limbs and plant vines can block the outdoor unit’s airflow, forcing the unit to work harder and use more energy than necessary. Proper outdoor unit efficiency may be maintained by keeping the outdoor unit clear of leaves, low hanging tree branches, and shrubbery. In the case of the unit in the picture, 40% of the outdoor unit’s vents were blocked by untamed plant growth and several vines were blocking the fan blade path creating excessive unit operation noise. This customer was overworking their air conditioning system due to lack of regular maintenance.  Atlanta Energy Solutions arrived on the scene, took care of the operating noise and reduced energy efficiency, and completely serviced the customer’s hvac system. If you need help maintaining you air conditioning system, call Atlanta Energy Solutions at 404-803-7471, Mableton’s #1 heating and air company!

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