Leaking Flex Lines: What You Should Know

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A leaking flex line can be expensive. It will continue to draw water as it leaks, resulting in higher utility expenses. Even a leak at a rate of just 30 drops per minute will consume over 1,000 gallons of water per year. To keep your utility expenses in check, you’ll need to ensure that your home isn’t leaking water. Water leaks can occur in different places, one of the most common being flex lines.

Overview of Flex Lines

Also known as flex hoses, flex lines are the flexible conduits that connect the water supply line to the various water-based appliances in your home. You can find them on kitchen faucets, refrigerators (assuming they have a water dispenser), washing machines, water heaters and other appliances that use water.

Common Types of Flex Lines

All flex lines feature a flexible construction that allows them to bend without breaking. This is important because flex lines are often installed in tight spaces. With their flexible construction, you can use them to connect the water supply line to the appliances in your home. There are different types of flex lines, however, each of which is made of a different material.

Some flex lines are made of nylon and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They feature a PVC core with a nylon exterior. Other flex lines are made of braided steel. Like their nylon counterparts, they feature a PVC core. Rather than being wrapped in nylon, though, braided steel flex lines are wrapped in strands of braided steel.

How to Fix a Leaking Flex Line

Flex lines, unfortunately, can leak. When a flex line begins to leak, it will raise your home’s water usage. Depending on the severity of the leak, it may cause structural damage as well.

Water leaks can damage floors and walls. As water seeps out of the flex line, it may soak into nearby wooden structures. The floors and walls in your home may become saturated to the point where they rot. And even if they don’t rot, they may develop mold that contributes to indoor air pollution.

You can fix a leaking flex line by replacing it. Whether it’s made of nylon, braided steel or any other material, most flex lines are inexpensive. After turning off the water supply line, disconnect the old and leaking flex line and replace it with a new flex line of the same size.

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