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How to Reduce Allergens in Your Home to Stop the Sneezing

Atlanta Heating & Air Solutions Mabelton
Atlanta Heating & Air Solutions Mabelton

With the advent of COVID-19, has there ever been a time more important to lessen your urge to sneeze?  The entire world is desperately trying to stay safe and healthy.  As the order to shelter-in-place is our new normal, it’s important to maintain the place our families have retreated to while we wait out this temporary storm.  Let’s focus on healthy living inside our safe havens, our homes.

Here are some HVAC tips to keep your home in top shape and free of pesky allergens.

Using Quality Filters is one of the best ways to defend your home from poor air quality.  If possible, filters should have at least a MERV 8 rating to ensure more microscopic particles are trapped.  If you aren’t already doing so, filters should be checked monthly, and replaced at least every three months.

Clean out Debris that may be surrounding your HVAC unit.  Remember, these units pull air from outside.  If dust and debris surround your unit, there’s a chance those allergens are being pulled into your home.

Dust Registers and Return Vents often, but at least once a year.  Now is a great time to tackle it as part of your Spring cleaning.  Again, these allergens may be pulled into your home without the proper cleaning.  Use a damp rag to keep from spreading dust mites and other particles that may cause allergies to flare up.

While the COVID-19 virus has changed our world drastically, life events still happen.  Our promise to you is that we will meet your service and/or maintenance needs with the greatest of care for your health and safety concerns.

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