Gas Furnaces: The Importance of the Right Location

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The location of a gas furnace is important. In some homes, it’s installed in the basement. In others, the gas furnace is installed in the attic or even the garage. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new gas furnace, you might be wondering where to install it. You can always ask a professional heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) technician for advice, but the following factors can affect the ideal location for a gas furnace.

Branch Lines

Gas furnaces must be installed near a branch line. After all, they are powered by natural gas. Natural gas enters your home via the main gas supply line. From there, it will flow through branch lines. Branch lines are the smaller lines that “branch out” from the main gas supply line. When installing a gas furnace, you should typically choose a location that’s near a branch line. Otherwise, you’ll have to run a new branch line. 

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Unlike electric furnaces, gas furnaces require ventilation. They will produce combustion gases when burning natural gas. A ventilation system will safely expel these combustion gases out of your home. This is why many gas furnaces are installed in the attic. They feature an exhaust flue that, like a chimney, runs out the top of the roof. Gas furnaces located in the attic will produce combustion gases that travel into the exhaust flue and out the roof.


Some places in your home probably have better airflow than others. If you’re looking to buy a gas furnace, you should choose a location with adequate airflow. Gas furnaces require a certain amount of airflow for safety and performance purposes. With little or no airflow, they may overheat.


You should consider the clearance when choosing a location for a gas furnace. Gas furnaces, of course, are relatively large. They consist of a large rectangular unit. And most gas furnaces – along with electric furnaces – are installed in conjunction with a blower. When installing a new gas furnace, you’ll need to choose a location with enough clearance for these items. The furnace and the blower must fit inside the space, and they must provide a sufficient amount of clearance.


Gas furnaces require ductwork. Assuming your home already has ductwork, you’ll need to install the gas furnace in an area that can easily connect to the ductwork. Ductwork may be located in the attic, basement or crawlspace. The gas furnace must be able to connect to the ductwork so that it can supply your home with warm air.

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