Does Your HVAC System Need a Duct Booster?

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Poor or restricted airflow can have a negative impact on the performance of your heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system. The AC system and furnace may run fine. The AC system may produce cool air by moving heat from your home’s interior to its exterior. The furnace, on the other hand, may produce warm air by consuming electricity or gas.

Even if your AC system and furnace work, however, they may fail to create a comfortable environment. HVAC systems require airflow. Both the AC system and furnace will create conditioned air. This conditioned air will enter the ductwork where it’s then released out of the supply vents and into your home’s rooms. Fortunately, a duct booster can give your HVAC system a helping hand by increasing airflow through the ductwork.

An Introduction to Duct Boosters

Also known as a duct booster fan, a duct booster is a device that’s designed to increase airflow through the ductwork. It consists of a motorized, electrically powered fan that pushes the conditioned air through your HVAC system’s ducts.

It’s important to note that duct boosters aren’t the same as blowers. All central HVAC systems have a blower. It’s usually found near the air handler or furnace. When running the AC system or furnace, the blower will push the conditioned air into the ductwork. A duct booster isn’t a substitution for a blower. Rather, it works in conjunction with the blower to increase airflow.

Benefits of Duct Boosters

If your home has large rooms with tall ceilings, you may want to get a duct booster installed. It will accelerate the speed at which conditioned air is released out of the supply vents. Therefore, hot and cold spots are less likely to occur in large rooms. The duct booster will push the conditioned air through the ductwork and into the rooms where it creates a more even temperature.

A duct booster can prove useful if your HVAC system’s ductwork was installed properly. If one or more ducts are twisted, for instance, they may create blockages. The conditioned air may not be able to travel through these twisted ducts – at least not with a blower alone. Getting a duct booster installed, though, may offer a solution.

You might even save money on heating and cooling costs with a duct booster. It won’t directly affect your AC system or the furnace. Nonetheless, a duct booster will help move the conditioned air produced by these systems through the ductwork.

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