Is Your Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air? What You Should Know

A heat pump is an energy-efficient alternative to a traditional furnace. Some of them, in fact, are up to three times more efficient than a typical furnace. They will convert more of their consumed energy into heat. The end result is lower heating costs for you and your family. If your heat pump is blowing […]

The Homeowner’s Guide to Direct Vent Fireplaces

There are different types of fireplaces. In recent years, direct vent has become an increasingly popular choice among homeowners. Even if you don’t have a chimney in your home, you can still install a direct vent fireplace. Direct vent fireplaces still require ventilation, but they don’t require a chimney. For a better understanding of direct […]

Why Your Furnace Keeps Tripping the Reset Switch

Does your furnace keep tripping the reset switch? Rather than warming up your home to the temperature set on the thermostat, it will turn off prematurely. When it trips the reset switch, your furnace will shut off – even if it hasn’t reached the thermostat temperature. By understanding why your furnace keeps tripping the reset […]

Blower Motors: What Does Horsepower Indicate?

When most people think of horsepower, they envision automotive engines. The power of an automotive engine is measured in horsepower. Most modern-day cars can produce about 150 to 250 horsepower. Horsepower, however, isn’t limited to automotive engines. It’s used to measure the power of other devices, including blower motors. Blower Motor Horsepower Explained Different blower […]

Why Yearly Heating Maintenance Is Important

Most people only think about their heating system when it’s not working – usually when it’s too late. By that point, they’re calling a repairman and hoping for the best. But yearly maintenance can help prevent those costly repairs, and keep your home warm all winter long. Here are the reasons why. Your Heating System […]

Why Air Conditioning is a Need in Atlanta

Summertime in Atlanta is hot. Hot. And while some people might enjoy the heat, for most of us it’s a sweaty, sticky mess. That’s where air conditioning comes in – it’s a lifesaver during those summer months! Here are the reasons why air conditioning is needed in Atlanta. The Temperature is Unbearable Without It The […]

What Is a Crankcase Heater and How Does It Work?

Depending on the type of heating, ventilation and cooling system (HVAC) that’s installed in your home, it may have a crankcase heater. It’s a common part of many heat pumps and some air conditioning systems. The crankcase heater is located outdoor in the condenser unit. Even if aren’t running your heat pump or air conditioning […]

Some activities can help prep your home’s HVAC for winter.

As winter approaches, it’s essential to take some preparatory steps to ensure that your home’s HVAC is ready for the colder weather. Here are four things you can do to prepare your home for winter. Check your HVAC filters and replace them if necessary. Your home’s HVAC system is one of the most important yet […]

How to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system

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Most people don’t think about their HVAC system until it breaks down. And by then, it’s often too late. You must take a proactive approach to maintain your HVAC system to keep it running as efficiently as possible. Here are some tips on how to do that: 1. Change the air filter regularly One of […]

What Is an AC Service Valve?

Air conditioning systems often require servicing. Maybe your air conditioning system has low pressure, or perhaps it has a refrigerant leak. For refrigerant-related servicing such as this, a service valve may be used. What are service valves exactly, and how do they work? Service Valves Defined A service valve is an accessible port that allows […]