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5 Tips to Turn on the Heat With Your Gas Fireplace

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When the temperature begins to drop, you may want to turn on your gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces offer a supplemental form of heating. By burning natural gas, they’ll generate heat that radiates into your home’s living space. Some gas fireplaces, however, generate more heat than others. Even if your gas fireplace generates little or no heat, you can make it hotter in several ways.

#1) Turn on the Blower

Assuming your gas fireplace has a blower, you can turn it on to maximize the heat output. Blowers are electric fans that, as the name suggests, are designed to blow air. They are commonly used with gas fireplaces. A blower will push the warm air produced by your gas fireplace into your home’s living space.

#2) Open the Gas Line

Perhaps the easiest way to make your gas fireplace hotter is to open the gas line. Nearly all gas fireplaces have an adjustable gas line. The control mechanism for the gas line typically consists of a knob, which may or may not require a generic-looking key to turn. Turning the knob clockwise will open the gas line, whereas turning the knob the counterclockwise will close the gas line. With the gas line fully open, your fireplace will produce a taller flame that results in more heat.

#3) Install a Draft Hood

For a warmer gas fireplace, you can install a draft hood. Also known as a draft diverter, a draft hood will fuel your gas fireplace with more air. Gas fireplaces require both natural gas and air to generate heat. A draft hood will supply your fireplace with more of the latter.

#4) Get Logs Professionally Serviced

When was the last time that your gas logs were professionally serviced? If it’s been over a year, you may want to get them professionally serviced. Gas logs must be properly arranged. Otherwise, they may block the burner assembly, resulting in less heat. Servicing will ensure that your gas logs are clean and properly arranged to maximize your fireplace’s heat output.

#5) Install a Fireback

In addition to a draft hood, you can make your gas fireplace hotter by installing a fireback. A fireback is one or more sheets of metal that are installed in the back of a fireplace. They are designed to radiate heat. Without a fireback, most of the heat generated by your gas fireplace will rise into the chimney. A fireback prevents them from happening by reflecting heat into your home’s living space.



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