5 Tips to Cut Your Home’s Heating Costs

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Many homeowners dread the winter season because of the high heating costs it brings. Regardless of what type of central heating system your home uses, it will consume energy to create warm air. You’ll have to pay for this energy, of course, in the form of utility bills. Fortunately, there are several ways to cut your home’s heating costs without sacrificing you and your family’s comfort.

#1) Set the Fan to Auto

Setting the fan to auto can save you money on heating costs. All furnaces, as well as heat pumps, use a fan to blow warm air into the ducts where it’s then distributed throughout your home. On the thermostat, you’ll probably see two settings for the fan: auto and on. The auto setting means the fan will only come on when the air is being warmed, whereas the on setting means the fan will constantly run, thus it will consume more energy.

#2) Change the Air Filter

When was the last time that you changed the air filter? If it’s been several months or longer, you should consider changing it. Air filters work by catching micro-sized particulate debris so that it doesn’t enter the ducts. As this debris builds up, less air will be able to pass through the air filter. Your furnace will then have to work harder to achieve a warm and comfortable environment.

#3) Program the Thermostat

Another tip to cut your home’s heating costs is to program the thermostat. If your home isn’t occupied during a specific time of the day, you can program the thermostat for a lower temperature during this time. When your home is occupied, on the other hand, you can program the thermostat for a higher temperature.

#4) Keep Chimney Flue Closed

If you have a fireplace, be sure to keep the flue closed when neither you nor anyone else in your home is building a fire. Chimney flues have a damper that acts like a valve. When open, the cold outdoor air will enter your home during the winter. As a result, your furnace will consume more energy. Closing the damper seals the chimney flue to prevent this from happening.

#5) Turn on Fans

It may sound counterproductive, but turning on the ceiling fans can cut your home’s heating costs. Hot air rises. As the conditioned warm air comes out of the vents, it will rise to the ceiling. Turning on the ceiling fans, though, will push the air down. Ceiling fans won’t necessarily change the temperature inside your home, but they will make the air feel warmer.

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