5 Reasons to Get Your Gas Logs Professionally Serviced

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Gas fireplaces require the use of special logs. Known as gas logs, they aren’t made of real wood. While they look like natural hardwood logs, they are made of a fabricated heat-resistant material – typically ceramic – that doesn’t break down when exposed to a flame.

While gas logs are reusable, they still require maintenance. Neglecting to maintain them could lead to poor performance as well as other problems. Fortunately, you can get your gas logs professionally serviced by a heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) company, which can offer some surprising benefits.

#1) Improved Heat

Getting your gas logs professionally serviced can improve the heat output of your fireplace. During the service, an HVAC technician will inspect the integrity and position of your gas logs. If a gas log is severely degraded, or if it’s placed too far from the pilot light, it may fail to produce a sufficient amount of heat. The HVAC technician can remedy these problems by replacing or repositioning the gas log.

#2) Protect Your Floors

Gas logs can break down from regular usage. Most gas logs, in fact, last for about three to 10 years, after which they’ll need to be replaced. As they begin to break down, they may fragment into several smaller pieces that can cause damage to your floors. These small pieces will heat up and potentially scorch the floors in front of your fireplace — much like the hot embers of a wood fire.

#3) Eliminate Bad Odors

If you notice a funky odor when using your fireplace, your gas logs may be to blame. Airborne dust and debris will accumulate on your gas logs. When you turn on your fireplace, this particulate matter will ignite while subsequently creating a not-so-pleasant odor. An HVAC technician, however, can thoroughly clean your gas logs and the surrounding hearth to eliminate bad odors.

#4) Protect Pilot Light

The pilot light is responsible for producing the flame that rises up from the burner and into your gas logs. If you rarely or never clean your gas logs, it may become clogged with particulate matter. The pilot light won’t work if it’s clogged. With a professional gas log service, an HVAC technician will clean your gas logs to protect the pilot light and ensure it functions as intended.

#5) Find and Fix Other Problems

During a gas log service, an HVAC technician will inspect your fireplace for other potential problems. Maybe your chimney is caked in creosote, or perhaps your fireplace’s gas line is leaking. While you may not notice these problems, HVAC technicians are trained to spot them.

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