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5 Myths About Gas Furnaces Debunked

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Furnaces are synonymous with central heating systems. While there are other types of central heating systems, none are more common than furnaces. Furnaces are used in both homes and commercial buildings to generate heat during the cooler months of the year. When researching gas furnaces, however, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear.

#1) Less Efficient Than Electric Furnaces

It’s a common myth that gas furnaces are less efficient than electric furnaces. Several factors can affect the efficiency of a furnace, including the size, technology and method of installation. Nonetheless, gas furnaces are oftentimes more efficient than electric furnaces. Some of them have an efficiency rating of up to 98.5%, making them a cost-effective heating solution.

#2) Difficult to Maintain

Gas furnaces are not difficult to maintain. You’ll typically need to replace the air filter. All furnaces, as well as air conditioning systems, rely on a filter to remove pollutants from the air. You’ll also need to get your gas furnace professionally serviced at least once a year. But that’s all it takes to maintain a gas furnace.

#3) All Use the Same Type of Gas

Not all gas furnaces run on the same type of gas. While most of them do, in fact, run on natural gas, some of them run on propane. Propane furnaces aren’t as common as natural gas furnaces. While they’ve been around for many decades, propane furnaces have since been largely replaced with natural gas furnaces. Natural gas furnaces are safer, more efficient and typically cost less to operate.

#4) Better to Repair Than Replace

If your gas furnace isn’t working, you may assume that it’s better to repair it than to replace it. Assuming the problem is minor, repairing it may be the right choice. You can often repair minor damage, such as a faulty flame sensor or dirty burners, at little cost. For major damage, on the other hand, replacing your gas furnace may prove more cost-effective. You can buy a new and more efficient gas furnace, resulting in long-term cost savings benefits.

#5) Bigger Is Better

Another common myth is that a bigger gas furnace is always better than a smaller gas furnace. Like with air conditioning systems, furnaces need to be the right size for the homes in which they are installed. An oversized gas furnace will consume an excessive amount of energy.

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