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5 Home Heating Mistakes to Avoid This Winter

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Heating your home may sound like a simple enough task. Whether it has a furnace or heat pump, you can heat it by controlling the thermostat. All central heating systems support the use of a thermostat. With that said, there are certain mistakes you should avoid when heating your home this winter.

#1) Turning Thermostat All the Way Up

When the mercury begins to drop, you may assume that cranking the thermostat all the way up is the best way to stay warm. While it may keep your home nice and toasty, it comes at a cost. When turned all the way up, your central heating system will consume more energy. It won’t warm your home any faster. It will simply run for a longer total length of time, resulting in increased energy usage.

#2) Overlooking Drafts

Don’t ignore drafts. Drafts occur when air leaks into and out of your home. You may feel them around doors, windows and attic vents. If you discover a draft, you’ll need to seal it. Otherwise, the warm air produced by your central heating system will leak out of your home. It will then be replaced by cool air that leaks into your home.

#3) Relying on Space Heaters

While convenient and easy to use, space heaters aren’t a viable substitution for a central heating system. Space heaters often cause or contribute to fires. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), over four in 10 residential fires involve space heaters. Furthermore, space heaters are only designed for use in single rooms. To heat your entire home – both safely and effectively – you’ll need a central heating system.

#4) Closing Air Vents

Don’t make the mistake of closing air vents when heating your home. When closed, warm air won’t be able to travel through the vent and into your home’s living space. It will remain stuck inside the ductwork where it’s rerouted to other vents. Why is this a problem exactly? As the air accumulates, pressure inside of the ductwork will increase as well. This pressure can damage the ductwork, potentially causing it to burst open.

#5) Neglecting Maintenance

Neglecting to maintain your home’s central heating system is another mistake to avoid. Like air conditioning systems, central heating systems require regular maintenance. You’ll need to replace the air filter, for instance. You may also need to have certain components professionally inspected and adjusted. Regular maintenance ensures that your home’s central heating system works at optimal levels and without wasting energy.



Atlanta Heating & Air Solutions Mabelton