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Keep your ‘Flue’ under Control – Flue Pipe, that is!

What is a Flue Pipe?

A furnace flue pipe, also called the ‘furnace exhaust’, is an important component of the gas heating system in many homes, which includes both space heating and water heating. Its function is to safely ventilate exhaust and combustion byproducts out of your home.

How a Flue Pipe Works: After using fuel to create heat inside the furnace, the exhaust gases are ejected into the open atmosphere by travelling through the flue pipe.

Why your Flue Pipe Should be Kept Under Control:

The flue pipe, either made of plastic or metal (ideally metal because metal is fire resistant), properly vents unhealthy byproducts of combustion and also protects the home against unwanted fire and smoke hazards. If a flue pipe is damaged, the indoor air that we breathe inside our homes may be compromised.

How to Inspect your Flue Pipe for Damage:

Locate your flue pipe and inspect it for material defects including holes, rust, water streaks, and soot around the furnace, which could indicate a blockage or leak.

Remove the flue cap to check for blockages, including debris or even birds’ nests. Replace and secure the cap tightly once complete.

If you find anything concerning, contact your local professional. We’re here to help if you’re in the Atlanta metro.

Recently, we had a call from a customer requesting an inspection on their “flue pipe with holes in it.”

Holes can expose potenitally toxic byproduct combustables in gaseous form to the air breathed inside the home; something to be treated immediately. If you find holes in your flue pipe, turn off the furnace and call a professional to assist.

In our customer’s case, the flue pipe was very old, not to code, and faulty. The home owner decided to replace the faulty section of pipe and bring it up to current building codes.

If you have a damaged flue pipe, your local professional can walk you through repair and replacement options. If you’re in the Atlanta metro area, we’re here to help! Call Atlanta Energy Solutions at 404-803-7471